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Traditional banks failing to adapt to technological changes

A recent article by the Yorkshire Post has once again highlighted some of the problems of traditional banks, eccount money's Will Thomas has said. The feature, penned by journalist David Behrens, criticised banks for making up mock security arguments against more customer-friendly services. As a result, most account holders ended up confused about their financial status. This, as Thomas pointed out, was simply unacceptable:

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Online banking: How to put twitter to your advantage

Just a few days ago, twitter suddenly disappeared from the web. The outage was the result of either, as twitter representatives claimed, a bug in their internal hardware structure or, as other sources reported, an attack by cyber hackers. As unpleasant as the failure may have been, however, it only lasted two hours. And in no way did it derail twitter's ongoing success story. Since launching in 2006, the online service has grown at a staggering pace, currently boasting almost 150 million users.

The prominence of Twitter in online marketing

Its popularity is based on twitter's unique position among social media providers. On the one hand, it is a conventional peer to peer network, allowing individuals to chat to existing friends, meet new ones and follow the thoughts and actions of others. On the other, it is a real-time news channel putting followers in touch with global developments and events at a previously unprecedented speed. The finance sector has been particularly important for twitter's rapid ascent to the much-coveted spot on the social media ranking, right behind the uncontested leader Facebook.

Your banking, too, can benefit from twitter, even more so if you hold an eccount and are already open to online banking in principle. You just need to keep a few important points in mind. Here's how you can truly put twitter and online banking to your advantage.

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Smart budgeting advice Part 1: Divide and conquer

It is quite natural to assume the worst. Perhaps this is why so many households with debts tend to give up on solving their financial problems rather than thinking about how to avoid them in the first place. Unfortunately, by keeping only the negative side of things in mind, you are constantly fighting against windmills, while you could put your money to work for you. At eccount money, we therefore strongly support smart budgeting as an approach towards improving your finances and carving out a sustainable future for yourself. Over the next few months, we will regularly feature postings on the topic of smart budgeting and share some of the insights we've gained over years of experience and speaking to our customers. In our first posting, we'll focus on how to reap the benefits of dividing your budget up into clearly defined categories.

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