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eccount protects students against education reform

Five students studying hard

Students should make sure to prepare themselves for a rough financial future, eccount money’s Will Thomas has said. His comments were part of a passionately led debate about the effects of Lord Brown’s plans for the reform of higher education, which increasingly replaced talent with the cool, hard logic of the market.

Result of education reform

While this could simply be interpreted as a sign of the times in theory, Peter Scott, in an article for the Guardian, argued that Brown’s neoliberal “paradigm shift” clearly wasn’t working in practise. Scott identified various problems, including:

  • An ongoing reduction in the number of student applications due to the rise in student fees and bleak post-study job opportunities;
  • A lack of tangible competition among universities;
  • An oversupply of state intervention.

The reasons for this were twofold, according to Scott: A political deadlock on the one hand. And the failure of the supposedly free markets to actually come up with financially sound solutions on the other. The combination of these elements made for an extremely dangerous cocktail, according to Thomas:

“Our country vitally depends on the creativity and mindpower of a new generation of students. Most of all, however, it depends on them being positive and confident about their prospects on the labour market. We need to do everything in our power to provide them with the tools required to arrive at that confidence.”

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How to set realistic financial targets with your eccount

To many people, an eccount is simply a great way of participating in banking again. To others, it is an extremely useful tool to get out of debt and stabilise their budget. To yet others, it means getting access to mobile banking facilities and being able to take care of their banking on the move. All of these are perfectly sensible reasons, but what most people don't know is that an eccount is even more than that and can actually help you in setting realistic financial targets for yourself. How does it work? Allow us to show you ...

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