Frequently asked questions

Is eccount money right for me?
The eccount money current account is open to everyone, regardless of past credit history or current situation. As there are no credit checks when you apply, we find that many people turn to eccount money when the banks turn them down such as bad credit history or bankruptcy.

Where is my PIN?
To start using your eccount money VISA Prepaid Card, all you need to do is get your PIN from our secure automated service.


Call 0207 070 4902 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and follow the instructions. If you would like to change your PIN to a number more memorable to you, this facility is available at most ATMs. Call charges?

How do I change my PIN
You can change your PIN at most ATMs. Insert your card and enter your existing PIN, then follow the on-screen instructions to change the PIN to a 4-digit number of your choice.


Your eccount money Prepaid VISA Card can be used to withdraw cash with your PIN or to make purchases in stores where PIN or signature verification is required.


You should never disclose your PIN or personal details to anyone. eccount money Customer Care will never ask you to reveal your PIN.

Manage your money 24 hours a day
Managing your money is safe and convenient using our online, telephone and mobile banking service. We use the latest technology to keep your account safe, such as 128bit SSL encryption technology. To check your eccount card balance or to move your money to exactly where you need it:


How can I pay in to my eccount?
You can pay in to your eccount at over 23,000 Paypoint locations or at nearly 12,000 Post Office branches in the UK. Simply hand your Card and cash to be paid in to the assistant who will process the transaction for you. There is a charge for paying in at PayPoint. Paying in at the Post Office is FREE.
You can also have your wages and any benefits paid directly to your eccount. For more information please see Paying in.
If your card is lost or stolen
You must report your card lost or stolen immediately. Please call our lost or stolen telephone line: 020 7078 2720 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call charges?

Please treat your card like cash. Keep it safe and secure at all times. Never reveal your PIN to anyone.

Can I have more than one account?
No, we only allow you to have one account open at any one time.