Managing your eccount®

To manage your money and access your eccount click on the button below:

Login to Online Banking
When you log in you will be asked to tick either ‘eccount holder’ or ‘cardholder’. If you completed the original registration process then you are an ‘eccount holder’, if you have a card (it may be in your name) but it is attached to somebody else’s eccount then you need to click ‘cardholder’.

How to activate your eccount money VISA Prepaid Card

In order to activate your eccount money VISA Card, you will need to obtain your PIN from our secure automated PIN retrieval service, to do this follow the instructions below:

1. Call 020 7078 2719.
2. When you are prompted, enter your 9 digit eccount number.
3. Enter the last 4 digits of your 16 digit card number.
4. Enter the 4 digit secret number that you provided at the point of application.
5. Your PIN will be read out to you, please ensure that you memorise it.

Once you have retrieved your PIN, your card is active and you can start enjoying the benefits. If you would like to change your PIN to one that is more memorable for you, this facility is available at most ATMs.

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