The card

eccount money VISAWith some basic bank accounts you only get one cash card. With eccount banking you get a fully functional prepaid VISA card.

Shop in store and online

The eccount money VISA prepaid card is accepted anywhere you see the VISA Acceptance Mark. It is accepted in over 200 countries, at millions of locations worldwide. Use your card anywhere that accepts VISA or VISA Debit Cards.

Withdraw cash

You can withdraw cash at any ATM (cash machine) in the UK or abroad that displays the VISA Acceptance Mark. This means you can use it for your day to day spending aswell as whilst on holiday. Fees apply to transactions whilst abroad.

Safe and secure

Your prepaid card is safe and secure. Transactions are protected by Chip and PIN which means you normally have to enter your PIN when making transactions in person at shops and also when withdrawing cash from ATMs.

Stay in control

With eccount money we’ve made it simple for you to keep on top of your finances. You have “2 pot” functionality allowing you to control how much money you spend each month.

In order to spend using your card, you have to load your card by moving money from your eccount to your card. This makes it harder to accidently spend too much and not have enough money left to pay important bills. You can move money either online or by using our mobile banking service.

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